Pantry Cupboards (Pvt) Ltd

Design is a word with a cosmic definition. This very fact, has allowed it to change the world throughout time and its’ ages. Every life altering invention has stemmed from a simple sketch or a rough concept that sparked in a creative mind.

This is DESIGN.

It is the freedom to express ones ideas through a sense of creativity, practicality and aesthetics.

We have a vision to be the best in providing total solutions in Pantry Cupboards to our clientele, with an aim to enhance their own perceptions on functional and innovative design. We envision designs that elevate their living and working environment, in a way that only we can do.

We are on a mission to recognize our clients’ needs and wants and fulfill them with dedication and hard work. KWD Pantry Cupboards (Pvt) Ltd insists on the delivery of quality and we strive to enrich our business by building a strong relationship with our clients and our industry partners alike.

So, what do we do?

With our well experienced craftsmen, our talented designers and our years of professional experience and expertise, we can create interiors that are stimulating, and sophisticated. We have a range of designs that have successfully become part of our portfolio and we constantly update ourselves with the current design trends and styles, in order to provide even fresher creations for our customers!

Company Name: KWD Pantry Cupboard (Pvt) Ltd

Name of Managing Director: K A Rasika Sanjeewa

Year of Establishment: 2001

Nature of Business: Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Number of Employees: 20



years of experience